Monday, May 14, 2012

Do Microwaves Kill?

Monday, May 14, 2012

The following information might suggest that microwaves DO in fact kill!!! Nutrients for sure...

 Many studies conducted throughout the world have repeatedly highlighted the deleterious effects of microwave ovens on human health. In fact microwave ovens are so dangerous that they were banned in Russia from 1976 to 1987. Twenty years of thorough research by Russian scientists convinced them that the dangers of the devices outweighed the benefits in cooking time. This experiment further verifies their findings.

It is claimed by Microwave oven producers and even scientists that the Microwave oven is not only ok to use but it is actually even recommended. Some go as far as claiming that it makes the food more healthy.

Some but not all studies suggest that long-term exposure to nonionizing form of radiation may have a carcinogenic effect. Needless to say is that the ionizing radiation is highly carcinogenic (can provoke cancer) and only few exposures to ionizing radiation can result in a random form of cancer. Exposure to ionizing radiation is done when you take an X-Ray for example or by other means.

The Human DNA is very sensible to radiations of any form, so long time exposure to both ionizing and nonionizing radiation can change a cell’s DNA. If this happens, then the cell’s in built instructions about how to live and grow are jumbled around. It is then possible for the cell to do something very different from what it is supposed to do. For example, it may become cancerous and keep reproducing in an uncontrolled way. This could take years to happen but it still means that a cancer may eventually develop.

So the standing argument for decades is... Do microwave ovens destroy the vitamins and nutrients in the food and water we are constantly warming up and heating in them? After researching the internet for hours on end I kept coming up with the same information over and over. It seems people are so quick to defend their precious time saving food zapper without doing some real lab work to test the results. I was shocked when I found this article.

The Experiment:

In the home experiment, filtered water was divided into two parts. One part would be microwaved and allowed to cool before being given to the plant, while the second part would be heated on a conventional stove top and given to an identical plant. Results were observed over a nine day period. By the third day it was already clear that the plant given the microwaved water was not faring as well as its counterpart.

By the ninth day the microwaved plant was virtually nonexistent in its pot, having literally shrunk in size to just a few inches above the soil. The second plant was growing beautifully.

I'm a man of science and a lot of times I have to do things myself before I'll take any ones word. An experiment like the one shown above is very powerful to me. If the nutrients from just water alone are killed off by heating them in a micro wave, what happens to all the nutrients from a bottle of milk warmed up for a baby? TV dinners? Pop corn for tonights movie at home? What's the point?

There was a lot more information that I found about how heating up food in microwaves was actually accidentally discovered by the Nazi's while their scientists were trying to create a "Micro wave weapon" to use in war!! You should Google that sometime if you really want your jaw to drop. The entire idea behind the microwave itself makes no rational sense to me after learning about its conception. I realize that just like always... corporations will do anything to make a buck... Even it harms or even kills mankind.

In closing, my family and I made the decision to stop using our microwave altogether back in 2009. We haven't looked back. Aside from a few adjustments with the way we heat, reheat and warm things... We don't miss it at all.

We pop our pop corn in pure olive oil over the stove in an old fashioned pop corn popper. We reheat items like cold pizza etc in a small toaster oven that sets on the counter and we make hot water in a tea kettle on the stove.

Aside from robbing all the nutrients and vitamins from any food I put in the microwave, I don't like the idea that a device I've used my entire life is able to take amino acids in food and change them into cancer causing carcinogens.  I choose to find other means of heating up my food...

- Billy


Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's About Time Billy...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yes. it IS about time.

I started this blog back in November of 2011 at the end of our filming schedule for Ghost Adventures. I had a lot on my mind that I wanted to share with you all and I also had a lot of time! I have been very busy with our new shoot schedule since January and I apologize for taking this long to create another entry. Between DJing and working full time on a TV show I really don't have a lot of time...

But... The things that I feel very passionate about sharing with you all are important enough to me to take the time and post for all to see. I would also like to say that I appreciate all the kind words and comments about my free podcast and music mixes that I have posted. That is the only reason that I take the time to make them... To bring a smile or help someone through a tough time, work or even to help motivate you to get through your workout. Whatever the case may be... That is why I do it. Thank You!

If you have never heard my mixes before they can be streamed live on your browser or downloaded for free here: DJ Inferno's Podcast They can also be downloaded from itunes for free. Just use the search term:DJ Inferno

For those of you that follow my every word on Twitter ( @DjInfernoLV ) I would just like to say thanks for following me! I know I can sometimes be a moody little boy and my tweets reflect that! I will go off on a subject and tweet continuously for an hour filling timelines everywhere with useful informative links on controversial subjects like Global Warming & Chem-trails... While at other times posting silly funny or sarcastic tweets, pictures and videos. I am very random and like to share that.

So with that said... What do I have to share today? It's actually way to much to share in one blog. I have several topics that I will write about very soon. Chem-trails, microwaves, fluoride, more on daily nutrition, quitting energy drinks, sunscreen, more info on alkaline water, more must see documentaries, genetically modified food and many many other topics that I have learned so much about recently.

All of these topics are about things you didn't learn about in school. Your Mom didn't tell you about this, doctors aren't recommending it... This is all part of a personal journey that I've been on my entire life and I feel obligated to give it to you straight and share what I've learned along the way.

I am by no means a hypocrite or a saint in any way!!! I am just like any other person and I sometimes eat horrible snacks like Snickers ice cream bars and chew gum containing phenylalanine. I drank a Monster energy drink just a few days ago while we were filming Ghost Adventures during our lock down so I could stay awake...  I love Starbucks cappuccinos and try to limit myself to only 1 or 2 a week... Nobody is perfect!!! Usually after consuming these products I feel the after effects and regret it... especially the energy drinks. More on that in a future post.

My point is.... I've learned what to avoid and at least try to cut down the amount of these toxic foods and drinks that make me feel like crap! I think that's why I hate traveling so much. I have no options when I'm on the road. But thanks to some of the products I've come across this past year I can at least get back on track quickly by flooding my system with good things.

The purpose of this blog is to give you a play by play account of what I've experienced, things I've tried, things that have worked and the ones that don't! Use my experiences to judge weather or not you should try it. Hopefully it will help someone in the end. I love hearing back from you on your successes. It makes me feel like it was all worth it :)

If you're new to my blog... please continue scrolling down and reading some of the past few entries like:

More posts are soon to come... I promise. In fact I just thought of 3 more topics I want to share. It's time to catch up ;)

- Billy